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    Ridiculous we have to pay now to boost an item for sale so annoying! I feel like canceling my account

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    Roman Hawke

    Boosts are no longer free?? This is what made 5 miles better than all the rest. Really upset over this move. Looks like it’s back to craigslist where boosts are always free.

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    Jimmy & Sharon

    To boost my listing it said $2.99 for 3 days. When I select the listing & continue it now days $7.99 for 3 days. Why is this happening? I have a $3.00 credit to use by Dec 9th & wanted to use it to boost my listing. Please explain.

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    How many times can you bust your items and is it free

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    Why is there a conflict in the answers above?? And I do not understand nwhatnthe *Note means?!?

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    Boost is free. It costs when use the sale tools click to call/triple exposure/must go...this wut I notice as I c on my end 2

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    Handy Help4u247

    Listings don't really boost; at least not the older ones only the newer ones. I've tested mine several times and after a week or two they no longer actually boost so you have to delete and repost if you wanna sell it.

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    How many times can you boost? I hit the button by accident and there’s no turning back...

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