“Boost” my items and coins? What the heck 😑🤦‍♀️ Time to take my for sale items to another site. This is ridiculous and dumb.


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    Hi 5miles users,

    This is Shirley from 5miles customer support team.

    Could u share your feedback with details so that I could help you properly.

    "Free" boost is back now, you just need 9 coins to get 1 free boost chance.

    You may ask me how to earn coins, actually you can not imagine how easily it is to get coins.

    • Seven consecutive check-in could help you get over 300 coins=33 free boost
    • Following “Lustro Hair” Instagram could help you get 100 coins=11 free boost
    • Referring a new user could help you get 1000 coins=111 free boost
    • Besides, 5miles also provide other easy tasks to help you get more coins=thousands of free boost chances.

    For more details on how to earn coins, please refer to How to Earn Coins?

    Please do not hesitate to boost your items to get more exposure and offers.

    We hope the changes help get your items sold faster, welcome to get back to me about your new feedback.

    Best Regards,
    5miles Customer Support Team

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