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    Liia Baby

    Don’t ever send money period. If they can’t come to a compromise, ont go through with it. If they constantly try and tell you to send the money DO NOT DO IT. THEY ARE SCAMMERS!! If they tell you send the money in order for them to do the shipping transaction just turn away and tell them you don’t want it anymore. It’s happened to me twice and I don’t want it to happen to anyone else. I’ve sent money and lost a lot because they wanted to block me after getting my money. It happened with Brandon Jones of Mathews, NC or either he was in Georgia; had a Georgia number with an iPhone XR for $150, he lowered it to $120, got the money sent me a fake tracking number and blocked me then was suspended. Then today account called Mikayla Amine stole $22.50 from me for an IPhone XR for $45, we made an agreement to send half and the other half to come to her after I receive the phone knowingly. And she told me she does two day shipping. So, I’ve been Scamned/ Conned out of $142.50 from this app. I wouldn’t recommend trusting it, honestly...

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