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    Hi 5miles users,

    This is Shirley from 5miles customer support team.

    Pertaining to your previous concern about no free “boost” issue, we feel glad to tell you that “free” boost function is back now, when 4 free boost chances is used off, you just need 9 coins to get one free boost.

    You may ask how to earn coins? Actually, you cannot imagine how easily it is to earn coins:

    • Seven consecutive check-in could help you get over 300 coins=33 free boost
    • Following “Lustro Hair” Instagram could help you get 100 coins=11 free boost
    • Referring a new user could help you get 1000 coins=111 free boost
    • Besides, 5miles also provide other easy tasks to help you get more coins=thousands of free boost chances.

    For more details on how to earn coins, please refer to How to Earn Coins?

    Please do not hesitate to boost your items to get more exposure and offers.

    We hope the changes help get your items sold faster, welcome to get back to me about your new feedback.

    Best Regards,
    5miles Customer Support Team

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    Hi D.C!


    Thank you for bringing this concern to us.


    We would like to apologize for any confusion and troublesome this has caused you.


    For this case, we wanted like to introduce you our latest Boost update on June 21, 2019.

    We have released the NEW version Sales Tool for both iOS and Android.


    On the latest version, the Boost function and Sales tools were both optimized.

    You can now boost each item Four times.

    Once you have consumed the Four Boosts on each listing, you can now enjoy 3 in 1 with our latest Sales Tool ‘FEATURE’ to promote your items.


    The Feature combines all 3 functions: Hot Deal, Triple Exposure and Click-to-Call into ONE to promote your item much effective and further.


    For the coverage of Feature’s function, you may check below introduction:

    • Hot Deal - Get a Featured banner and your listing will appear in the exclusive Featured Feed, so buyers can find & purchase it quickly.
    • Triple Exposure - Your listing will appear in the Home feed and get an outstanding chat button obvious to viewers, Search result and related listing to gain 3X more exposure than usual.
    • Click-to-Call - Add a call button to your listing so buyers can contact you faster and easier.


    For more information regarding our ‘Feature’ function, please visit our HelpCenter link How to buy Feature?


    Once again, we apologize for any inconvenience and Thank you!


    If you have any other questions, please feel free to reach out to us at or submit a ticket in 5miles app in this way: Me--Settings--Support/Leave Feedback. 

    We're here for you.

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    I have not yet seen anybody ordering the "hot deal" or "triple exposer" - No One is going to order these features - Why - No One wants to pay for it! Please listen to all your customers and bring back the Free Boost Feature!!


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    Keep free boost if you don’t I’m leaving app

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    Please return to free boost

    If you notice on my account on 5miles I took down all my stuff not reason to post and not to sale
    Every 4 hours boost after boost 4 times we have pay next I guess I will closy account soon

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