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    Hello Edgar!


    I have checked your account and see that you are a private seller and you like to post a item of 'Cars or Auto parts' But it won't allow you due to your $5 free credit is already consumed. We offer to you to register the membership package for you to be able to list your items in any sub-category in Automotive. For any further assistance.

    Please contact us anytime at or submit a ticket in 5miles through the path:  Profile--Settings--Support / Leave Feedback.


    We're here for helping you.

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    Hi Edgar,

    Good day! Unfortunately, 5miles can’t remain a free marketplace forever. Moving forward, all private sellers are still allowed to sell auto items but if the number of items goes past 5 listings in any automotive sub-category, the system will incur a nominal listing fee for each listing.

    Listing on our app has proven to be successful for many businesses, but the time has come for us to introduce this listing fee for several reasons:

    > We want to [re]invest more into marketing to continuously acquire prospects for you;
    > We want to innovate and introduce even more new features to help you sell more items;
    > We want to balance the 5miles ecosystem so you can keep growing your business.

    We hope that by charging, we will be able to provide better service for sellers. We will be offering a value-added service for paying customers.

    We’re grateful to have had the opportunity to support your business and hope you will help support 5miles by continuing to list your inventory with us.

    God bless and happy selling!

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