Dash, auction, car dash, auction, blah blah...



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    I disagree 100%! When it comes to business, selling locally is a far cry to globally! Buying or selling! Also theres nothing wrong with adding great features similar to ebay. Yes ebay sells the cheapest aka CHEAPEST lol stuff but also tons of the most expensive, rare, 1 of a kind items in the entire world that doesn't cost a $100,000 private entrance fee to see or buy the items. Keep up the good work 5miles even though you need to refine some things!

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    You obviously weren't here from the beginning. This app is failing, and losing users daily.

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    I agree there needs to be action taken about what people are encountering however it's the absolute opposite for me. And has been slow in my area SEATTLE WA. for over 2years. Now that there's these updates, good or not to you. I feel Confident about spreading the word about the new options for 5miles as if I just found a cool new app! But like I said they need refinements! 1. Add local sellers auction plus shipping so we can sell like that! 2. Add better categories for kids and adults so the youngins aren't scared for life ;) 3. Change restrictions on local selling items! 4. You get the point!

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    Hi Gregory & Nick!

    Thanks for the feedback.

    Your suggestion has been added to our list of member requests for management to discuss with our Developers.

    Hopefully, we can create this feature for you soon! Feel free to contact us anytime at support@5milesapp.com or submit a ticket in 5miles through the path: Profile--Settings--Support / Leave Feedback.

    We’re here to help have a good day!

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