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    Hi Bruce!

    We are sorry to hear that you are unhappy.

    We would like to investigate this for you, so please let us know more information about this.

    Please feel free to contact us anytime at or submit a ticket in 5miles through the path:  Me--Settings--Support / Leave Feedback.

    We're here for helping you.

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    Something's really fishy going on here I just won about 15 auctions than ours nowers an hours I mean I even put all of my credit cards on their case had a problem they can use my other one and they said there's a they waited till the next day early in the morning and send me messages saying they canceled all in my orders due to security problem there's no security problem that my name I address why didn't they call me can you say hey we think something might be going wrong on your end you think if there's a security problem they would try to notify me Arkham my credit cards cuz they would have called me right away no now they're telling me it's going to be 3 to 5 days before I get my money back but I spent all those hours been for that stuff and that's not fair this site something's up with it but I got free Jag lawyers on post and if they don't contact me it was on the phone with it in 24 hours I'm going to have them served with lawsuit papers and let them spend money for a lawyer cuz I got all the receipts they sent me and all the stuff I'm all file a lawsuit if they don't call me back I'm not getting scammed I'm getting sick of people discriminating against me and not treating me right cuz I'm a disabled veteran in a wheelchair I depend on online sites for just about everything in my life because I can't drive and almost all my family's passed away all I have is me and I'll come on here and I spent all that time and buy these things when I won the auctions and then they're going to cancel them all are screwy something something's wrong and from what I read from a lot of these comments but there's a lot of unhappy people so actually my friends friends a reporter maybe I'll to find out if I can get some people together that's had problems he had a problem send me a message so I can talk to you and maybe we can get this on the news at 3 and I on treat people right they need to close the dam site down

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