Linking my 5miles ads to ? & why are we required to give 5miles access to any of my settings or personal info?


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    They need to have access to your mic and camera if you want to post pictures and video, they need to access you pictures to post them, they need to access your contacts and phone to send messages to your email account, plus if you want to link them they will need access to any of that as well. How else to do think they are able to get anything done without access to these areas, of SD card access is required to get h your pictures from your gallery of pix you might use that you took not using the app. I'm just a user of this useless app, 3 months have sold nothing while I'm selling like crazy using other similar apps. You can also go into your phones settings and change permissions to suit your needs, you can remove access to your contacts, email, notifications, pix, cam, mic, just about everything can be turned off. It's up to you to decide if you can use the app without it having access to the basic needed services and locations. It may not work correctly without access.

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