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    Hi there Angie! Please note that selling of Slot Machines here on 5miles is strictly prohibited according to our Prohibited Items Policy. For more information kindly please click the link below:

    Also, We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience! When a seller posts to 5miles, the item is immediately viewable to other users on the app.
    It is also sent off for review by our staff; we have humans (not robots) reviewing each listing on our platform.

    This can take a little bit of time but each item will be approved or removed.
    It is entirely possible you saw listings that were still pending review, but not approved.

    We promise we are not singling you out and apologize if any listings on our app made you feel that way.
    You can always send a report to us if you see an item that violates our Prohibited Items Policy.
    To do this, go to the item page and scroll down to click Report Item/Seller and follow the instructions.

    Have a great day ahead, Angie! :)

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