Automotive category made its debut this week!




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    About time. Great job creating this new category

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    El Cumbias

    Por que en categorías solo me sale cosas de carro y yo no vendo eso

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    It's great, but I wish there was a way to weed out the car salesmen/dealerships. I put in my location etc and $1500 limit and I am flooded with results. Just sucks when you click on them they all say ***We Finance*** or $1500 down gets you into.... No, I don't want to finance, No I don't want to put $1500 down. I just wanna buy a $1500 point A to point B truck-car-suv that ain't gotta pretty or hybrid. It just has to run (radio and heat would be nice ;) too).

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    Victor González


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    Brian Stone

    I need something that will last of my life and can' that white dodge or my favorite is Chevy dramas desel.pleaze help me get one and my Chrysler 300 back

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