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    Everything Must

    Sony ps2
    Game was shipped.
    5 miles said courier usps#Tracking #92055901755477000020035813
    Usps receipt tracking number is 42919054920559017554770000200135
    Buyer sent reply that he received it and I seen review.
    "Yes" please track this and release payment that was already made to me by the buyer as soon as possible. Thank you.

    I don't thin km I should have to pay for tech support. Custimervpaid and received and did reviw. Please release ny m9net. Than j byou

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    What if i dont have a debit card

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    Dave O

    Why do these selling sites not have customer service phone numbers where you can ask an actual person for help? Say someone has an attitude because you won't come down on your price. They flag your item and leave a bad review. Let's say they report you and your account is suspended, how can you contact the site and plead your case? MAYBE someone will reply to your email and give you some generic manufactured response past a computer generated one, but you'll never get that same person again, it's always someone else the next time. Be very careful on these sites, not weary of buyers, but weary of the level of service -if any, you receive from the sites themselves, if you REALLY need it.

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